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Focused on public engagement, Blues is a content producer that develops creative, artistic and production projects with a network of influencers that connects more than 20 million users.

Blues produces Youtube channels and influence marketing solutions, with deep understanding of the audience, safe content connection with brands and results delivery.

Content Production
No broadcaster around the world has as many cameramen as YouTube, nor the number of reporters that Facebook has. No newspaper or model agency has as many photographers as Instagram has. Social networks makes the audience become emitter and not just receiver. They also have the power to choose what they want to see, without having to consume advertising. And how are the marks in this new reality? They can be very good! Communication with the public is no longer a one-way street and it is necessary to invest in content production.

Blues won the digital marketing silver award in 2012 for the creation and production of SKY Connect

Dreams Factory

Blues has two studios of 90m2 and 150m2, in addition to a collection of costumes and a dressing room


In addition to Pipocando, Blues produces the channels Pipocando Games, Pipocando Música and Bunka Pop


All Blues-managed Youtube channels sum up more than 7 million subscribers

Partner / Director

Samuel Costa

Partner / Director

Bruno Bock

Partner / Director

Bruno Marossi

Partner / Director


Partner / Director

Peter Carcavallo